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5 watts

5 watts doesn't have to sound like a toy anymore...

Designed for versatility, the Corona is a low wattage, high output amplifier that captures the entire spectrum of tube tones from sparkly clean to downright dirty.


  • 5 Watt Output​​

  • ​JJ Tubes​

    • 1x 5Y3 Rectifier​

    • 1x 6V6 Output

    • 1x 12AX7 Preamp

  • Eminence Legend​ Speaker

  • ClassicTone Power Transformer

  • Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer

  • Sozo capacitors

  • 100% hand wired and hand built

  • Solid Pine, Finger Jointed Cabinet


  • Single input with switchable High/Low impedance (more about that here)

  • KICK switch analog boost function, also operable by included footswitch ​(more about that here)

  • 5" Practice Speaker in all head units for portability and bedroom volume playing (more about that here)

  • Tilt back panel (combo only) to lean the amp 25 degrees for better stage monitoring

  • Choice of finish and grill cloth

Corona 5 Watt Demos

Corona - Les Paul

"That's only five watts?" - Everyone

An old school Greco LP straight into a Corona. All natural, unsweetened, unadulterated rock and roll tone.

Corona - Tele Twang

An old school Tele plugged straight into a Corona 5 Watt combo. Pushed right up to the sweet spot for clean tone with some character.

Corona - Tele

Overdriven tone from a Fender Tele outfitted with Seuf pickups through a 5 Watt Corona. Played by Taylor Dodson.

Corona - Tele Shred

Impromptu shredding on a Fender Tele with Seuf pickups plugged straight into a 5 Watt Corona Combo.

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