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Standard Features

Each Hardtail comes with a standard set of features that offer an unprecedented amount of versatility and range without sacrificing character and minimalism. No relays, active electronics, or tone-sucking effects, only non-invasive, purely analog touches to tap into the inherent potential of a tube amp.

Single Input Versatility

We've taken Leo Fender's ingenious input design from the Tweed era and simplified it to create a more practical user interface while maintaining functionality.

Our design utilizes one input and allows for on-the-fly switching  through a Hi/Lo switch and a push/pull BRIGHT switch in the tone control.

The days of changing input jacks are over...

Kick Switch - Analog Boost & Headroom Control

There's nothing better than a tube amp dialed in and walking the line between clean and dirty. Until the Kick Switch came along...

A Hardtail original design, the Kick Switch will effectively turn the volume up 3-4 notches without you having to touch the dial


No relays, no invasive electronics, just a clever reverse-attenuation effect that takes advantage of the inherent tonal characteristics of a tube amp.

Switchable Tone Stack & Low End Control

Our higher output models come stock with two different tone stacks to regulate low end frequencies and high end bite to better suit single or humbucking pickups. This feature doubles the canvas of options a player has to cover fat, warm, American tone to punchy, bright British tone and everything in between.

Select on the fly or while changing guitars using the panel toggle switch.

Head Practice Speaker

All Hardtail heads come stock with a 5" Practice Speaker for portability and bedroom volume playing without the need for headphones or a separate practice amp.

A Hardtail original design, the practice speaker is engaged by default and automatically disconnected when a cabinet is plugged into the speaker jack. This allows for easy, plug-and-play operation, and also acts as an insurance policy for your precious output transformer by providing a full-time speaker load. Powering up a traditional tube amp without a speaker load can seriously damage or destroy the OT, even if done on accident.

Problem solved.

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