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Colorado 50 Watt

Colorado 50 Watt

The last big-iron amp you'll ever need.

The Colorado is 50 watts of pure 6L6. By far our biggest, most dynamic sounding amp its got the headroom for clean chime and robust low end before it breaks wide open to give you just the right amount of gravel in your shoe.


Pro Tip: Go with the 3x10" speaker option. You'll be surprised.

- 50 Watt Output​​

​- JJ Tubes​

     - 1x GZ34 Rectifier​

     - 2x 6L6 Output

     - 3x 12AX7 Preamp

- 3x 10" WGS Veteran 10 Speakers

- ClassicTone Power Transformer

- ClassicTone Output Transformer

- Sozo Capacitors

- 100% hand wired and hand built

- Solid Pine, Finger Jointed Cabinet

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