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Lonsdale 20 Watt

Lonsdale 20 Watt

The most versatile 20 watts on the block...

The Lonsdale is wired hot to capture all the dirt, grind, and sweat that 20 watters are famous for, then tamed through a set of stock features that'll reel it back in and make you re-think your whole pedal board.

- 20 Watts Output​​

- ​JJ Tubes​

     - 1x 5Y3 Rectifier​

     - 2x 6V6 Output

     - 1x 12AX7 Preamp

     - 1x 12AY7 Preamp

- Eminence Cannabis Rex​ Speaker

- ClassicTone Power Transformer

- ClassicTone Output Transformer

- Sozo capacitors

- 100% hand wired and hand built

- Solid Pine, Finger Jointed Cabinet

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