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Hand made from start to finish in Kansas City, Missouri, the character of each Hardtail amplifier is defined by its simplicity in design and the use of quality components and craftsmanship. 

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Lonsdale 20 Watt Combo

Taylor Dodson demos a Lonsdale with a custom Tele built by the one and only Carson Hess.

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All units available in both combo and head and cabinet configurations. Availability and lead times for new orders will vary based on inventory - please contact us for details.


5 Watts

Designed for versatility, the Corona is short on wattage and high on output, built to capture the entire spectrum of tube tones from sparkly clean to downright dirty.

Starting at $1,500

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20 Watts

The Lonsdale is wired hot to capture all the dirt, grind, and sweat that old school 20 watters are famous for, then tamed through a set of stock features that'll reel it back in and make you re-think your whole pedal board.

Starting at $1,800

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